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About us

Beijing KEY-BIO Biotech Co.,Ltd.was founded in 2007,as a national high-tech enterprise,is a supplier and service provider focusing on systematic research of active raw materials of in vitro diagnostic reagents. The company covers an area of 2,400 square meters and has been rated as a state-level high-tech enterprise since 2016. In 2017, it passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and was recognized as a "double independent enterprise" by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce. In 2021, it won the honor of Specialized special new small giant enterprise in Beijing. At present, the company has 14 authorized invention patents and 1 utility model patent and obtained 17 registered trademarks.  In the research of more than 20 projects, more than seven consecutive years has been rated as "Tax credit grade A enterprise".   

KEY-BIO products mainly include infectious diseases, gonadal hormone, thyroid hormone, tumor markers, cytokines, heart and kidney diseases for the detection of antigens and antibodies and marker materials.  A large number of products are mature used in ELISA, plate chemiluminescence, magnetic particle-ALP chemiluminescence, magnetic particle-acridine esterification chemiluminescence, immunochromatography, microfluidic, biochemical turbidity and other platforms. On the basis of absorbing advanced technology and process at home and abroad, KEY-BIO constantly develops new products and high-quality products with years of practical experience, aiming to provide source power for the research in the field of human life science.  

KEY-BIO now has technical platforms such as gene engineering, protein engineering, antibody engineering and labeled immunoassay.  Using sufficient technical force and perfect r & D and production equipment, systematically carry out the research and development of biological active raw materials - intermediates - reagents.  

KEY-BIO adheres to the concept of "help science and technology leap to become China’s model, and on the basis of adhering to technological innovation, strictly focuses on quality management, constantly improves the technical level, and realizes the benign development of the company's business.  Now, KEY-BIO marketing network not only covers the whole country, but also sells to the international market.

In the future, KEY-BIO will continue to be committed to leading the research and development of first-class active protein antigens and antibodies to meet the challenges in the global biotechnology field.  

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