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  • Colloidal gold platform R & D Engineer

    Job title: colloidal gold platform R & D Engineer

    Job type: full time

    Working experience: more than 3 years

    Education requirements: Junior College

    Number of recruits: 2

    Issued on: July 1, 2021


    Job description

    1. Responsible for the research and development of colloidal gold products, and complete the testing and research of raw material screening and evaluation, process performance and reaction system optimization;

    2. Complete the research, planning, project establishment, planning and implementation of R & D projects, prepare project research, design development plans and R & D reports;

    3. Lead and complete product R & D pilot test, Chinese style verification, registered type inspection and clinical experiment;

    4. Compile technical documents such as technical standards, technical parameters, process flow and guidance documents, inspection procedures and standards;

    5. Complete new product development and improve the existing colloidal gold products within the specified time, and feed back the relevant inspection results to the superior leaders;

    6. Improve and develop corresponding products according to the product technical problems fed back by the market and customer needs;

    7. Feed back the problems encountered in the experiment to the superior leaders in time, and follow up the problems in time;

    8. Other work related to the post.


    Recruitment requirements

    1. Medical inspection, immunity, biology, microbiology, bioengineering, chemistry and other related majors;

    2. At least 3 years of research and development experience in colloidal gold reagent related projects;

    3. Be familiar with immunoassay research and development methods, and master the professional knowledge of immunology, molecular biology, protein engineering and so on;

    3. Strong execution and teamwork ability, serious, responsible and positive;

    4. Clear and active thinking, good at communication and expression.


    Contact: Ms. Zhang

    Tel.: 01063831545


    Colloidal gold platform R & D Engineer