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  • Chemiluminescence platform R & D Engineer

    Job title: chemiluminescence platform R & D Engineer

    Job type: full time

    Working experience: more than 3 years

    Education requirements: Junior College

    Number of recruits: 2

    Issued on: July 1, 2021


    Job description

    1. Research and development of magnetic particle chemiluminescence platform products.

    2. Development of chemiluminescence diagnostic reagent project.

    3. Experience in independent products, familiar with R & D process.

    4. Assist in solving basic product technical problems.

    5. Follow the company's policies and processes at all levels.


    Recruitment requirements

    1. Relevant professional knowledge (bacteria, virology, biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy, etc.);

    2. Hard working, down-to-earth, proactive, strong sense of responsibility;

    3. Skilled, healthy, good psychological quality, able to work under pressure;

    4. Love laboratory work, patient and careful, strong hands-on ability;

    5. Serious and responsible, self-motivated, not afraid of hardship, friendly and strong team spirit.


    Contact: Ms. Zhang

    Tel.: 010-63831545


    Chemiluminescence platform R & D Engineer