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What you don't know about KEY-BIO: a fast step to start a new game


New Coronavirus continues to ferment, the outbreak of the epidemic affects the hearts of all China and the people of the world. Beijing Ke Yue Zhong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is also concerned about the epidemic. As a supplier and service provider focusing on the research of in vitro diagnostic reagent active raw material system, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. During this period, KeYue Zhongkai sized up the situation, seized the opportunity, took advantage of it and made a rapid response. After months of precipitation and research and development, KeYue Zhongkai finally efficiently and accurately developed new crown reagent raw materials with high specificity and sensitivity, and developed a complete set of solutions to contribute to the problems faced by the world.


Since its establishment, KeYue Zhongkai has continuously carried out key technical research, and the quality of antigen and antibody products has been continuously improved. The product quality is stable, sensitive and specific, and has accumulated a good reputation and stable user group in India and South America. In recent years, the export sales and export orders of KeYue Zhongkai have increased day by day, which proves that high-quality products can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, go abroad and go to the world at the same time!


At the same time, KeYue Zhongkai has established a rapid response mechanism to provide customers with technical service support at any time, and provide all-round and personalized customized solutions according to customers' requirements. It is conceivable that it is precisely because customers at home and abroad have expressed high recognition for KeYue Zhongkai's products and services that KeYue Zhongkai has always maintained a high product repurchase rate. At present, many foreign users have thrown olive branches to KeYue Zhongkai, changing the monopoly position of antigen and antibody suppliers such as South Korea and Canada. In the future, KeYue Zhongkai will continue to explore the market, meet the diversified market demand, sell more antigen and antibody products abroad, and bring Chinese biotechnology and Chinese quality to more countries.


Of course, the products of Beijing KeYue Zhongkai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. are not limited to the raw materials of Xinguan reagent, but also include the raw materials of antigens, antibodies and markers for the detection of infectious diseases, gonadal hormones, thyroid hormones, tumor markers, cytokines, heart and kidney function and other diseases. A large number of mature products are applied to ELISA, plate chemiluminescence, magnetic particle ALP chemiluminescence, magnetic particle acridine ester chemiluminescence, immunochromatography, microfluidic control, biological turbidimetry and other platforms to provide customers with the most systematic solutions.


We sincerely invite customers from all over the world and sincerely build a bridge for us to communicate freely on the road of mutual benefit. We are willing to work together towards a more brilliant future. KeYue Zhongkai looks forward to cooperating with you! Please contact us to order~