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KEY-BIO made an amazing debut in the 18th caclp and joined hands to help the new direction in the field of biotechnology


From March 28 to 30, the 18th China International Laboratory Medicine & Transfusion Instruments & Reagents Expo (CACLP) was held in Chongqing, attracting 1188 enterprises in vitro diagnostics from home and abroad and 38,346 visitors. The unprecedented grand event was the highest ever.  Beijing KEY-BIO Biotech Co.,Ltd. as an advanced technology enterprise focusing on IVD antigen antibody and other raw materials supply for more than ten years, deserves to become the king of popularity of the expo, once it appeared, attracted the attention of many visitors.  

Beijing KEY-BIO Biotech Co.,Ltd.  is committed to providing raw materials and services for large IVD enterprises at home and abroad, focusing on the systematic research of active raw materials for in vitro diagnostic reagents for 14 years, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise and a "double independent enterprise" recognized by Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce.  For a long time, KEY-BIO has gradually established technical platforms such as gene engineering, protein engineering, antibody engineering and labeled immune analysis, which provide high-quality and stable new technologies for promoting the common benign development of IVD enterprises.  

 In this exhibition,KEY-BIO led by the company's leaders and professional and technical personnel, warmly and patiently introduced the core products and overall solutions of IVD reagent raw materials. Through the brand publicity, origami, exhibition boards and posters,  It shows the extraordinary strength of KEY-BIO, which has been committed to the development of high-quality reagent raw materials, has attracted many new and old customers to visit the CACLP exhibition, and has been highly recognized by the industry for the value of KEY-BIO‘s’ products.  At the same time, also accepted the AACC related exclusive report, further introduced the company's products in the application of multiple fields.  


At the same time, the exhibition section yue ZhongJie concentration shows have been popular products, including "infectious diseases, blockers, myocardial marker, we, gonadal hormones, tumor, special protein, two resistance and avidin, chemiluminescence substrate liquid" aspects of the application of raw material, new technology to let the participants felt the huge medical industry transformation, At the same time, it also provides more cooperation opportunities for upstream and downstream enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that KEY-BIO not only collaborated with the original main raw materials such as infectious diseases and hormone small molecules, but also brought the novel coronavirus reagent raw materials with high specificity and high sensitivity developed after several months, which can be used in ELISA detection, chemiluminescence detection, colloidal gold detection and other fields.  Keyue Zhongkai's core technical personnel and colleagues in the industry discussed the research and development and application of novel coronavirus reagent raw materials in depth, which attracted the participants to stop and listen to the exhibition. With the help of the east Wind fame of the exhibition, keyue Zhongkai's high-quality development in the future will be more energy and momentum.  

The CACLP exhibition, for the majority of new and old friends to provide a high level of academic exchanges and achievements transformation platform, for in vitro diagnostic domestic industry promoted, build a more complete and comprehensive antigen antibody innovative thinking and valuable experience, work for epidemic situation at home and abroad contribute our own strength, for the power industry with new direction together.  

  • KEY-BIO will welcome new opportunities with you!